Nature Power Solar Motion Light (22040 ) User Manual

Solar motion light

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Version 1.1


Solar Motion Light

Instruction Manual

Product Description

Congratulations on purchasing your Solar Motion Light. Please read and follow the below instructions and retain
this manual for future reference

MFG Item Number: 22040


Solar Panel

1. Choose a surface you would like to mount the solar panel.
2. Secure bracket to solar panel with screw provided as shown in Fig 1.
3. Set bracket on surface and secure in place with larger screws provided as shown in Fig 2.
4. Adjust angle of solar panel to ensure it receives optimum sunlight.

Note: For best results ensure the solar panel is installed in a location that receives maximum sunlight and is free
from shade.

Bracket may differ from that shown in Fig 1 and Fig 2


1. Using bracket attached to the rear of the Solar Motion Light to mark where screws should be placed.
2. Ensure this is free from any cables or Electric Lines
3. Secure light to wall with screws provided.
4. Adjust the motion sensor so that it faces the area where motion is most likely to be detected.
5. Plug solar panel into the back of Solar Motion Light

Note: Lamp unit should be mounted 2 – 3 meters (6.5 – 9.8ft) from the ground to ensure motion detection is