Nature Power Solar Motion Light (22040 ) User Manual

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Version 1.1



1. The Solar Motion Light is equipped with an ‘On/Off’ switch marked as I and O

a. I = On
b. O = Off

2. There is a Dial located underneath the sensor. This dial will control the amount of time the Solar Motion

light will stay illuminated for once motion is detected.

3. The sensors maximum range is up to 5 meters as show in Fig 3.


If Solar Motion Light does not illuminate while switch is turned to ‘I’ (On) please observe the

Ensure the solar panel is in a location where it will receive maximum sunlight during daytime hours.

Clean solar cells with a damp towel, Do not apply excessive pressure and avoid the use of any solvents or
cleaning agents on the solar cells.

Ensure switch is set to ‘I’.

Check batteries are installed correctly.

Allow Panel to charge in direct sunlight for 4 days with the switch in the ‘0’ Position to confirm the
batteries are fully charged.

Replace Batteries. Note: The batteries may be dead and need replacing. Although rechargeable, the
batteries included in this unit have a limited lifetime.

Point sensor at an area with minimal light interference.