Nature Power Solar Floodlight (21130 ) User Manual

Solar floodlight, Instruction manual

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Solar Floodlight


Instruction Manual


 Direction for Solar Panel and Light can adjust Freely
 High Quality Crystalline Solar Panel
 16 Super Bright LEDs

 Up to 8 hours of Runtime on a Full Charge
 Automatic Sensors turns the light ON and OFF
 2 x Rechargeable AA Batteries Included

Location of the Solar Floodlight

Choose a location where your solar panel can get direct sunlight,
and free from cover and shade. The solar panel should be left to
charge for 2 days before initial use. (as shown in figure 1)


1) Carefully remove all the fittings out of the box.
2) Push the stake (4) directly into the ground (as shown in figure 2). Do not hammer or use force.
3) Adjust the solar panel (1) toward sunlight
4) Release the knob (3) by twisting it counter-clockwise and adjust the angle of the Floodlight (2) to

your preferred direction, then lock the knob by twisting it clockwise.

5) Adjust the switch under the lid of the panel to “AUTO” position.


1) For normal operation, turn the switch to the “AUTO” position.
2) The performance of the Solar Floodlight will vary with the time of year. It will deliver more light

when it has had a full day in the sun rather than a day in cloudy weather.

Replacing the Batteries

For best results Ni-Mh batteries should be replaced every 12 months.
1) Open the battery cover on the back of the light body (as shown in figure 3.)
2) Remove the old batteries. Make sure the new batteries are Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries.
3) Install the new batteries, ensuring the correct polarity is observed.
4) Replace battery cover on back of unit.

Trouble Shooting

1) Make sure the Solar Floodlight is not being affected by any other light source or the light may not illuminate at dusk.
2) Ensure the Solar Floodlight does not stand in the shade during the day.
3) Make sure the switch is in the “Auto” position.
4) Check that the batteries are installed correctly.


Clean the solar module with a damp towel to insure optimum performance of the Solar Floodlight. Do not use any type of
solvent for cleaning and be careful not to put too much pressure on the module while cleaning.

Limited Warranty

Proof of Purchase is Required (Receipt) Nature Power warrants our products to the original purchaser that this product is

free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year from date of purchase.