Nature Power Solar Flag Pole Light (22015) User Manual

Nature Power Lighting

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Product Description
Item Number: 22015

Congratulations on your purchase of this solar powered Flag Light. This
lightcharges during the day and will light your flag or other yard element for up
to 8 hours.
Please read and follow all instructions carefully before operating your solar
lights. Save this manual for future reference.

1. Charge the solar light for two full sunny days in the OFF position. Once
fully charged place in the AUTO position, the light will turn on automatically at
night and off to recharge during the day. During extended periods of weather
when there is little sun you may switch the solar lights into the OFF position to
allow them to recharge the battery for two or more consecutive days in order to
ensure a full charge and optimum performance.

2. Install your solar light in a location where the solar panel can receive the
most exposure to direct sunlight each day. Avoid locating near other light
sources (i.e. porch or street lights), as these light sources interfere with the
built-in light sensor and can cause the light to not turn on at night.

3. Once charged attach the light to a pole or post by opening the metal straps
and placing the plastic brace against the pole. Close and tighten both metal
straps so the light will stay in place. For smaller poles a sizer may be required.
Adjust the lamp head to the desired position.

From time to time you may wish to clean the solar cells with a damp cloth to
ensure optimum performance. Do not use any solvents or soap.
Once a year check the battery for corrosion. If you see rust forming in the battery
compartment discard the light and battery immediately and safely following local
regulations for battery disposal.

With proper care your solar lights will last many years. However, replacing the
batteries may be required. For best results the battery should be replaced once a
1 . Unscrew the 4 screws on the battery compartment on the back of solar panel.
2. Open battery compartment and remove old battery.
3. Replace with the same type battery.
4. Re-screw plastic piece back on.
5. Discard all used or dead batteries immediately in accordance
with local regulations.

If your solar light does not turn on at night, go through the following list of
actions, checking after each to see if the issue is resolved.

1 . Ensure switch is in the AUTO position.
2. Make sure the light is located in an area where solar panel gets
the maximum amount of full, direct sunlight every day.
3. Ensure no other light source.
4. Wipe the solar cell with a damp cloth to remove any accumulated
dirt and dust.
5. Place the switch in the OFF position to allow it to charge for two
or more consecutive days.
6. Replace batteries

Proof of Purchase is Required (Receipt)
The Item is covered by a one year limited warranty that applies to the unit.
The product is warranted to be free from manufacture defects in materials
and workmanship from date of purchase for a period of one year.
The product is warranted to the original purchaser only.