Nature Power Illuminating Solar Pest Repeller (21115 ) User Manual

Illuminating solar pest repeller owner’s manual

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Version 1.1


Illuminating Solar Pest Repeller

Owner’s Manual

Product Description

Maintenance free and environmentally friendly, the Illuminating Solar Pest Repeller from Nature Power is a great
way to deter rodents from your garden or yard and is safe, effective and environmentally friendly.
Item Number: 21115


1. Choose a location where the Illuminating Solar Pest Repeller can receive maximum sunlight.
2. Dig a hole in which to place the stake or make sure the ground soil is soft.
3. Place the stake in the hole ensuring the top is about 1” (inch) from the ground. See Fig 1.
4. Fill in hole and pack the soil tight around the stake.

Note: Ensure the Illuminating Solar Pest Repeller is in a location where it will receive optimum sunlight and that
the unit is free from shade and cover.


1. Once the Illuminating Solar Pest Repeller is secured allow it to charge for 2 days by turning the

‘Auto/Off’ switch in the ‘Off’ position.

2. After unit is fully charged. Turn the “Auto/Off’ switch to the ‘Auto’ position. This will turn the

device on.

3. In the Auto position during the day the unit will emit an ultrasonic vibration and sound that will

travel through the ground, covering a distance up to 7000 sq ft. At night the ultrasonic vibration
and sound will continue and the light will illuminate.

a. Auto: Switch pushed in.
b. Off: Switch is out.

Note: the ‘Auto/Off’ switch is located on the underside of the top part of the unit. See Fig 2.