Nature Power 4-in-1 Solar Spotlight System (21144 ) User Manual

In-1 solar spotlight system, Owner’s manual

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Version 1.1


4-in-1 Solar Spotlight System

Owner’s Manual

Parts List

Congratulations on purchasing the 4-in-1 Solar Spotlight System from Nature Power. This spotlight system will illuminate your
garden with the power from the sun.
Item Number: 21144


(See Fig 1)

Solar Panel Installation

1. Remove all items from the box
2. Choose a location where the Solar Panel is going to receive maximum sunlight.
3. Connect the ground stake (B) to the bottom of the Solar Panel (A).
4. Push the stake directly into the ground without any excessive force.
5. Ensure the Solar Panel is pointed directly at the sun with no obstructions.

Note: The location of the Solar Panel to the lights should be within the length of the wire provided.

Light Installation

1. Choose suitable location for the lights
2. Connect the ground stake (D) to the bracket at the bottom of the light (C).
3. Insert screws into hinges underneath where light (C) and Lamp head

attachment (E) join. Attach wing nuts to screws. These will be used to adjust
the angle of each individual light.

4. Push the stake into the ground without excessive force.
5. Loosen the wing nut underneath the lamp head to adjust the light to the

desired angle. Then tighten the wing nut to hold it in place.

6. To connect the lights to the solar panel, attach the wire plugs to the back side of the solar panel insert in holes
7. Ensure all connections are secure.


1. Prior to initial use, allow the solar panel to charge for at least 2 days with the On/Off switch (located on the underside of

the Solar Panel) in the off position.

Adjusting Screws


Wing Nuts


Solar Panel (Part A)


Solar Panel Ground Stake (Part B)


Lights (Part C)

X4 (9ft of wire per Light)

Light Ground Stake (Part D)


Lamp Head Attachment (Part E)