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The SELF-CLEAN pad is used to start a Self-Clean cycle.
When used with START TIME pad, a delayed Self-Clean
cycle may also be programmed. The Self-Clean function has
cycle times of 2, 3, or 4 hours.

1. Be sure the clock is set with the

correct time of day, the oven is
empty and the oven door is closed.

2. Press SELF CLEAN once for a

3-hour clean time or twice for a
2-hour clean time or 3 times for
4-hour clean time. A 3-hour self-
clean time is recommended for
use when cleaning small,
contained spills. A self-clean time
of 4 hour is recommended for a
dirtier oven.

3. Press START. The DOOR

LOCKED icon will flash.

4. As soon as the control is set, the

motor driven oven door lock will
begin to close automatically.

To start an immediate Self-Clean cycle and shut off

1. Press SELF CLEAN. Select the

desired self clean time by pressing

2. Press START TIME. Enter the

desired Self-Clean starting time
using the number 8, 0, and 0.


will remain on.

4. Self-Cleaning cycle will turn on

automatically at the set time.

To set a delay start time of 8:00 o’clock

1. Press CLEAR/OFF.

2. Once the oven has cooled down

for approximately 1 HOUR, the
"DOOR LOCKED" icon will no
longer display and oven door can
be opened.

If it becomes necessary to stop or interrupt a Self-Cleaning
cycle due to excessive smoke or fire in the oven:

Stopping or Interrupting a Self-Clean cycle:

IMPORTANT NOTES when using the Self-Clean

• A Self--Clean cycle cannot be started if Oven Lockout

feature is active.

• If your clock is set for normal 12 hours display mode the

Delayed Self-Clean can never be set to start more than 12
hours in advance.To set for a delayed Self-Clean cycle 12-
24 hours in advance see page 24 for instructions to set the
control for the 24 hours time of day display mode.

During the Self-Clean cycle

• You may see some smoke and smell an odor the first few

times the oven is cleaned. This is normal and will lessen in
time. Smoke may also occur if the oven is heavily soiled or
if a broiler pan was left in the oven.

• As the oven heats, you may hear sounds of metal parts

expanding and contracting. This is normal and will not
damage the oven.

• The oven doors will be damaged if the oven doors are

forced to open when LOCK is still displayed.

After the Self-Clean cycle

• You may notice some white ash in the oven. Wipe it off with

a damp cloth or a soapfilled steel wool pad after the oven
These deposits are usually a salt residue that cannot be
removed by the clean cycle.
If the oven is not clean after one clean cycle, repeat the

• If oven racks were left in the oven and do not slide

smoothly after a clean cycle, wipe racks and rack supports
with a small amount of vegetable oil to make them easier to

• Fine lines may appear in the porcelain because it went

through heating and cooling. This is normal and will not
affect performance.

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