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Heavy, Burned-On Residue

1. Allow the cooktop to cool.

2. Use the single-edge razor blade

scraper at approximately a 45°
angle against the glass surface
and scrape the soil. It will be
necessary to apply pressure to
the razor scraper in order to
remove the residue.

3. After scraping with the razor scraper, spread a few drops

of Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner on the entire burned residue
area. Use the included Cleaning Pad to remove any
remaining residue.

4. For additional protection, after all residue has been

removed, polish the entire surface with included Cooktop
Cleaner and a paper towel.

Metal Marks and Scratches

1. Be careful not to slide pots and pans across your cooktop.

It will leave metal markings on the cooktop surface.
These marks are removable using the Ceramic Cooktop
Cleaner or included cleaner with the Cleaning Pad for
Ceramic Cooktops.

2. If pots with a thin overlay of aluminum or copper are

allowed to boil dry, the overlay may leave black
discoloration on the cooktop. This should be removed
immediately before heating again or the discoloration may
be permanent.

Cooktop Seal

To clean the cooktop seal around the
edges of the glass, lay a wet cloth on it
for a few minutes, then wipe clean with
nonabrasive cleaners.

Glass surface—potential for
permanent damage.

Sugary spillovers (such as jellies, fudge, candy, syrups) or
melted plastics can cause pitting of the surface of your
cooktop (not covered by the warranty) unless the spill is
removed while still hot.

Special care should be taken when removing hot substances.

Be sure to use a new, sharp razor scraper.

Do not use a dull or nicked blade.

Damage from Sugary Spills and Melted Plastic

1. Turn off all surface units. Remove hot pans.

2. Wearing an oven mitt:

a. Use a single-edge razor blade scraper to move the spill

to a cool area on the cooktop.

b. Remove the spill with paper towels.

3. Any remaining spillover should be left until the surface of

the cooktop has cooled.

4. Don’t use the surface units again until all of the residue

has been completely removed.

Cookware with rough or bottoms can
mark or scratch the cooktop

Do not slide anything metal
or glass across the cooktop.

Do not use cookware with dirt
or dirt build up on bottom.


Do not use a
dull or nicked


If pitting or indentation in the glass surface has
already occurred, the cooktop glass will have to be
replaced. In this case, service will be necessary.


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