Troubleshooting – LG LRE30755SW User Manual

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Possible cause / Solution

• Plug on range is not completely inserted in the electrical outlet.

- Make sure electrical plug is plugged into a live, properly grounded outlet.

• A fuse in your home may be blown or the circuit breaker tripped.

- Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

• Oven controls improperly set.

- See the Using the oven section.

• Oven too hot.

- Allow the oven to cool to below locking temperature.

• Make sure cord is plugged correctly into outlet. Check circuit breakers.

• Service wiring is not complete. Contact your appliance Servicer for assistance.

• Power outage. Check house lights to be sure. Call your local electric company for service.

• The PF message will appear whenever there has been a power interruption to the appliance.

To clear the PF message press CLEAR/OFF control pad and be sure to reset the clock with
the correct time of day.

• To clear the HS message press ON/OFF pad.

• Replace or tighten bulb. See Changing Oven Light section in this Owner’s manual.

• Control not set properly. Follow instructions under Setting Oven Controls.

• Make sure oven door is opened to broil stop position.

• Meat too close to the element. Reposition the rack to provide proper clearance between the

meat and the element. Preheat broil element for searing.

• Meat not properly prepared. Remove excess fat from meat. Cut remaining fatty edges to

prevent curling, but do not cut into lean.

• Insert on broiler pan wrong side up and grease not draining. Always place grid on the broiler

pan with ribs up and slots down to allow grease to drip into pan.

• Grease has built up on oven surfaces. Regular cleaning is necessary when broiling frequently.

Old grease or food spatters cause excessive smoking.

• Oven controls improperly set.

- See the using the oven section.

• Rack position is incorrect or the rack is not level.

- See the using the oven section.

• Incorrect cookware or cookware of improper size being used.

- See the using the oven section.

• Oven sensor needs to be adjusted.

- See the adjusting your oven temperature in option section.

• Oven controls improperly set.

- Make sure you press the BROIL pad.

• Improper rack position being used.

- See the Broiling Guide, page 20.

• Cookware not suited for broiling.

- Use the broiling pan and grid that came with your range.


Oven will not work

Appliance does not

Oven control displays
PF, HS message.

Oven light does not work.

Oven smokes
excessively during

Food does not bake or
roast properly

Food does not broil

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