Troubleshooting – LG LRE30755SW User Manual

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Possible cause / Solution

• The self-clean cycle has been selected but the door is not closed.

- Close the oven door.

• The oven door is locked because the temperature inside the oven has not dropped below

the locking temperature.
- Press the CLEAR/OFF pad. Allow the oven to cool.

• When using the convection feature, it is normal to see steam coming out of the oven vent.

As the number of racks or amount of food being cooked increases, the amount of visible
steam will increase.
- This is normal.

• This is normal in a new oven and will disappear in time.

- To speed the process, set a self-clean cycle for a minimum of 3 hours.

See the Self-Clean section, page 26.

• A convection fan may automatically turn on and off.

- This is normal.

• The shiny, silver-colored racks were cleaned in a self-clean cycle.

- Apply a small amount of vegetable oil to a paper towel and wipe the edges of the oven

racks with the paper towel.


CLEAN flashes in the

DOOR LOCKED light and
icon are on when you
want to cook

Steam from the vent

Burning or oily odor
emitting from the vent

Fan noise

Oven racks are difficult to

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