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Oven door

Use soap & water to thoroughly clean the top, sides, and
front of the oven door. Rinse well. You may use a glass
cleaner on the outside glass of the oven door. DO NOT
immerse the door in water. DO NOT spray or allow
water or the glass cleaner to enter the door vents.
DO NOT use oven cleaners, cleaning powders, or any harsh
abrasive cleaning materials on the outside of the oven door.

DO NOT clean the oven door gasket. The oven door gasket
is made of a woven material which is essential for a good
seal. Care should be taken not to rub, damage or remove this

Cleaning the glass cooktop.

Normal Daily Use Cleaning

ONLY use Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner or included cleaner on
the glass cooktop. Other creams may not be as effective.

To maintain and protect the surface of your glass cooktop,
follow these steps:

1. Before using the cooktop for the first time, clean it with

Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner or included cleaner. This helps
protect the top and makes cleanup easier.

2. Daily use of Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner or included cleaner

will help keep the cooktop looking new.

3. Shake the cleaning cream well. Apply a few drops of

Cleaner directly to the cooktop.

4. Use a paper towel or Cleaning Pad for Ceramic Cooktops

to clean the entire cooktop surface.

5. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove all cleaning

residue. No need to rinse.

Burned-On Residue

1. Allow the cooktop to cool.

2. Spread a few drops of ceramic

Cooktop Cleaner on the entire
burned residue area.

3. Using the included Cleaning Pad for

Ceramic Cooktops, rub the residue area, applying
pressure as needed.

4. If any residue remains, repeat the steps listed above as


5. For additional protection, after all residue has been

removed, polish the entire surface with Ceramic Cooktop
Cleaner and a paper towel.

Do hand

clean door

Don’t hand

clean oven

door gasket

It is very important that you DO NOT heat the cooktop
until it has been cleaned thoroughly.


DAMAGE to your glass surface may occur if you use
scrub pads other than those recommended.


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