Flex-a-Lite 583: puller with out controls Jeep CJ S-blade Electric Fan Fits OEM Radiator 1973 - 1986 User Manual

Jeep cj s-blade electric fan, Installation instructions, Diagram a

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Jeep CJ S-blade

Electric Fan

Fits OEM Radiator 1973 - 1986

Part #573: puller with controls
#583: puller with out controls

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove the existing fan and

clutch assembly.

Step 2: Replace the bolts that mounted

the fan assembly to the pulley. When
reinstalling the bolts it may be neces-
sary to use washers to ‘shim’ out the
bolts for clearance on the back of the
water pump drive. Be sure to tighten
these pulley bolts.

Step 3: Remove the stock radiator

shroud assembly, be sure to save the
mounting bolts. These bolts will be
used to mount your new flex-a-light

Step 4: Attached the mounting brack-

ets to the flex-a-lite shroud with
screws provided. The end of the
mounting bracket with two holes

should be at the top of the shroud.

(See Diagram A)

Diagram A

Step 5: Lower the fan/bracket assembly into the engine bay, and

attach to radiator using the original shroud bolts. (See Diagram B)

Step 6: Check for clearance between the fan and any moving compo-

nents within the engine bay and make sure the fan blades turn freely
and do not contact the radiator.

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Diagram B