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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120

2. Cautionary Statements



section at the front of this


WARNING — Ensure structural integrity during setup and weather

extremes to minimize the chance of damaging the tripod or instruments.

Read all instructions carefully. Once the tripod is in full vertical position,

securely fasten it to the ground using ground spikes.

WARNING — For installations where soil structure is questionable or the

tripod may experience high wind loads, concrete footings for the tripod

feet and guy anchors should be considered.

3. Initial Inspection

3.1 Inspect Packaging

Upon receiving the tripod, inspect the packaging and contents for damage.

Claims for shipping damage must be filed with the shipping company.

Locate the packing slip for the order and compare the items listed on the

packing slip to the items that were actually shipped. Report any discrepancies

to Campbell Scientific.

3.2 Tripod Components

FIGURE 3-1 shows the tripod components packaged for shipment. The tripod

base is packaged with the mast, ground rod, lightning rod, and (6) stakes. The

ground rod clamp, lightning rod, and ground wires are enclosed in a bag. The

guy kit (optional for the CM110), and tripod tote bag (optional) are packaged

separately. The CM115 and CM120 tripods include additional mast sections.

A diagram showing how to stow the components inside the tote bag is shown

in Appendix A.

FIGURE 3-1. Tripod components