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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120

6.1.3 Installing the Guy Kit

The CM115 and CM120 tripods include a guy kit; the guy kit is an option for

the CM110. With the mast tilted down in the horizontal position, install the

guy collar over the mast insert, and attach the guy wires as shown in FIGURE

6-5. Return the mast to the upright position and install the locking bracket.

FIGURE 6-5. Guy collar

On the end of each guy line is a case consisting of a hook, clamp, and lever

arm. Rotate the lever arm to the “open” position, and attach the hook to the

tripod leg as shown in FIGURE 6-6. Loosen the Phillips screw, and remove

the slack in the guy line by feeding the load end of the guy wire through the

wedge while pulling up on the dead end (FIGURE 6-7).

After the slack has been removed from the guy lines, tighten the Phillips

screws and rotate the lever arms to “closed” position to tension the guy lines

(FIGURE 6-6).

Guy Collar

Guy Wire