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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120

FIGURE 6-1. Tripod leg, slide collar components

6.1.2 Mast

The CM110, CM115, and CM120 tripods have one, two, or three mast sections

respectively. The top mast section has a 56-in long insert with a series of holes

that can be extended to lengthen the mast (FIGURE 6-2). Remove the bolt that

secures the insert to the inside of the mast, and slide the insert out from the

mast to see the different hole locations. Slide the insert back into the mast,

aligning the appropriate holes of the insert with holes in the mast, and replace

the bolt.

Additional 56-in mast section(s) included with the CM115 and CM120 tripods

have a 16-in long insert that is used to connect the mast sections together.

Remove the bolt that secures the insert to the inside of the mast and extend the

insert 8 in; align the holes and replace the bolt. Attach additional mast sections

by sliding the bottom of the next mast section over the insert of a lower section,

aligning the holes and installing the bolt. Typically the bottom mast section is

attached to the tripod and tilted down to a horizontal position, and the

additional mast sections bolted to the bottom section.

Holes for Pins

Slide Collar

Spring-Loaded Pin