3. mast attachment to tripod base – Campbell Scientific CM110, CM115, CM120 Tripod Installation User Manual

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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120



FIGURE 6-3. Mast attachment to tripod base

Secure the mast in the upright position by installing the locking bracket

(FIGURE 6-4A). Insert the top of the bracket into the notches in the tripod

base, and using both thumbs, press the bracket into the body of the base until

the lower tabs lock into position (FIGURE 6-4B). Install the pin as shown in

FIGURE 6-4C. To remove the bracket, remove the pin and squeeze the lower

part of the bracket to disengage the tabs, then rotate the bracket out and up.
Plumb the tripod by adjusting the northeast and south facing legs. With a level

on the east side of the mast, adjust the northeast leg for plumb. With the level

on the south side of the mast, adjust the south leg for plumb.



Right-Angled Hole