2. tripod mast and insert – Campbell Scientific CM110, CM115, CM120 Tripod Installation User Manual

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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120

FIGURE 6-2. Tripod mast and insert

The tripod base has two sets of right-angled holes for attaching the mast;

typically the lower set is used (FIGURE 6-3A). The mast is attached to the

base with a pin, and secured in the upright position with a locking bracket.

Both the pin and the locking bracket are secured with a lanyard.

To attach the lower mast section, hold the mast upright and align the hole in the

bottom of the mast with the holes in the tripod base. Insert the pin through the

holes, and rotate the wire retainer over the end of the pin as shown in FIGURE

6-3B. The pin should be seated in the bottom of the hole when the mast is

upright. Lift the mast up so that the pin is in the upper end of the hole to allow

the mast to be tilted down to a horizontal position.