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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120

3.3 Tools List (for tripod, mast and crossarm)

1/2-in and 7/16-in open end wrenches

adjustable wrench

socket wrench with 1/2-in and 7/16-in deep sockets (optional)

Phillips head screwdriver (medium)

Straight bit screwdriver (large)

12-in torpedo level

side-cut pliers


tape measure

compass and site declination angle


sledgehammer (for driving ground rod and stakes)

step ladder

4. Overview

The tripod (FIGURE 4-1) is constructed from galvanized steel, with

individually adjustable legs that allow installation over uneven terrain.

The tripod includes lightning and ground rods, ground cables, UV resistant

cable ties, and stakes for securing the tripod feet to the ground. A guy kit is

included (optional for the CM110) for sites that experience high wind speeds

(see Section 5, Specifications). Instrument enclosures can be purchased with

mounting brackets that attach to either the mast or leg section as shown in

Section 6.1.7, Enclosure Attachment.

The tripod can be used for a variety of applications. For meteorological

stations, sensors are mounted to the tripod using mounting brackets appropriate

for the model of sensor. For non-meteorological applications, the tripod can be

used to mount instrument enclosures, solar panels, junction boxes, or antennas.

FIGURE 4-1. CM110 tripod with optional guy wires (guy wires included

with CM115 and CM120)