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Page 13: Tripod installation, Tripod base, 1. 60-degree guy angle

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Tripod Installation Manual Models CM110, CM115, CM120

FIGURE 5-1. 60-degree guy angle

6. Installation

6.1 Tripod Installation

6.1.1 Tripod Base

Tripod installation near power lines is dangerous. The

minimum safe recommended distance from overhead

power lines is two times the height of the tripod and

mast combined. Contact local utility providers to locate

any buried utilities prior to installation.

All three models of tripods use the same tripod base. Each leg is adjustable,

allowing the tripod to be adjusted for non-level terrain.

Prepare the area where the tripod will be installed. The tripod requires an area

approximately 7 feet in diameter. Natural vegetation and the ground surface

should be disturbed as little as possible, but brush and tall weeds should be


Stand the tripod base on end, and rotate the feet perpendicular to the legs.

Each leg has a slide collar and T-knob with a spring loaded pin that locks into

holes located on the underside of the leg as shown in FIGURE 6-1.

Extend each leg until the pin engages in a hole (depress the tab to disengage

the pin from a hole). With the legs extended, orient the tripod so that the open

channel of the tripod base faces north. The tripod is typically plumbed after

the mast has been installed, as described in Section 6.1.2, Mast.


*Anchors must hold at least

400 lbf in both x, y axis