Digital zoom, A197), E “notes on digital zoom – Nikon COOLPIX P500 User Manual

Page 211: A197) f, A197

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Setup Menu


c Came

ra Setup

Digital Zoom

Enable or disable the digital zoom.


Notes on Digital Zoom

When the digital zoom is in effect, AF area mode (

A95) is set to Center.

Digital zoom cannot be used in the following situations.

- When the focus mode (

A40) is set to E (manual focus)

- When the scene mode (

A45) is set to j (Night landscape), e (Night portrait), Scene auto

selector, Portrait, or Pet portrait

- When smart portrait mode is selected
- When Multi-shot 16 is selected for the continuous (

A76) setting

- When Subject tracking is selected for AF area mode (


At magnifications of 1.2× to 1.8×, Metering is set to Center-weighted, and at magnifications of

2.0× to 4.0×, it is set to Spot.

Press the

d button M z (Setup menu) (A186) M Digital zoom

On (default setting)

When the camera is zoomed in to the maximum optical zoom position, rotating and
holding the zoom control at

g (i) triggers the digital zoom (A31).


Limit zoom magnification up to the position of V during still picture shooting. Also
limit the digital zoom to the range at which image quality of the shot still picture
does not deteriorate.
The digital zoom is not available when Image size is F 4000×3000,

I 3984×2656, u 3968×2232, O 1920×1080 or H 2992×2992.

During movie recording, digital zoom works as described in On.


The digital zoom is not activated.