Sony DPP-FP97 User Manual

Page 74

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The printer does
not respond to the
printing order
from the PC.

c If there is no trouble displayed on the

Windows desktop, check the printer’s
LCD screen.
If the printer shows trouble, do the
1. Turn off the 1 (on/standby) button of

the printer.

2. Disconnect the power cable, wait for 5

to 10 seconds, and then connect the
cable again.

3. Restart your computer.
If these do not solve the problem, consult
with your Sony dealer or service facilities.

An image is
printed with
borders even if I

• Are you using an application

software other than PMB?

c When using an application other than the

PMB, an image might be printed with
borders even if you select borderless print.
When you can set border/borderless with
an application, set an image to be printed
fully in the print range even if it is printed
over the range.

Print quantity
specified in the
“Pages Per Sheet”
in the “Layout” tab
of the “Sony DPP-
FP97 Properties”
dialog box does
not match the
actual print
quantity and
printed results.

c Depending on the application you use, the

print quantity setting of the application
you use may have priority over the setting
specified in the printer driver dialog box.

Colors of the
printed image
from a PC are
different from
those printed from
a memory card.

c Since the process in printing an image

from a memory card differs that in
printing from a PC, the colors may not be
exactly identical.

An error stating
“Error was found
while a document
is output to the
USB device.” is

c Disconnect the USB cable and then

connect it again.