Playback, Precautions, Setting up the system – Sony XDP-PK1000 User Manual

Page 18: Enjoying an ipod/iphone

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• When removing the iPod/iPhone, do not twist

or bend the iPod/iPhone as it may result in
connector damage.

• When removing the iPod/iPhone, hold the

cradle securely.


• If it is difficult to remove the iPod/iPhone,

even though you have pressed the PUSH
RELEASE button on the cradle, push the
front of the arm head of the cradle and
remove the iPod/iPhone.



• For safety reasons, keep your car audio unit

and iPod/iPhone volume moderate so that
you can still hear sounds outside your car.

• Do not watch an iPod/iPhone while driving.

It is dangerous and may cause a traffic
accident. If you need to operate the iPod/
iPhone or the cradle, or take a phone call, be
sure to stop your car in a safe place before
operating the iPod/iPhone or the cradle or
taking a phone call.

• An iPod/iPhone’s Screen Rotation function

may work on rare occasions, which changes
the display to the landscape/portrait mode

Setting up the system

Follow the steps below when using the
system for the first time.


When the system is turned on, press
the RESET button on the DSP master
unit (page 5


Make sure that the LED indicators on
the DSP master unit and the cradle are


Set the sound setting switches
according to your vehicle (page 10

Enjoying an iPod/iPhone

You can enjoy the music of an iPod/iPhone
via the system.


• If the battery of the iPod/iPhone is extremely

low, charge it for a while before operation.