Attaching an ipod/iphone – Sony XDP-PK1000 User Manual

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To secure the cradle cable

To release the cradle cable


• You should not reuse the cord clamp once it has

been removed as the adhesive strength will be

Attaching an iPod/iPhone

Compatible iPod/iPhone models
See “About iPod/iPhone” (page 20) or visit
the support page:


• Start the car’s engine before connecting the

iPod/iPhone. Depending on the device,
malfunction or damage may occur if it is
connected before starting the engine.

• Remove the case or cover from the iPod/iPhone

before setting it in the cradle to ensure a stable

• Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event

that data recorded to an iPod/iPhone is lost or
damaged when using an iPod/iPhone
connected to the cradle.

• For details on environmental conditions for

operating the iPod/iPhone, check the website of
Apple Inc.


Push the PUSH RELEASE button to
stretch the arm of the cradle (

), and

then set the iPod/iPhone in the cradle



• When setting the iPod/iPhone, hold the

iPod/iPhone at the same angle as that of the
connector on the cradle.

• When setting the iPod/iPhone, hold the

cradle securely.