Introduction, Getting started, Resetting the unit – Sony XDP-PK1000 User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the Digital Link Sound System (XDP-PK1000).
This system allows you to digitally integrate an iPod/iPhone into your existing car audio unit.
You can enjoy exciting sound from your car audio unit and iPod/iPhone via this system, which
features sound settings optimized for your vehicle type by using Sony’s original digital sound
technology, and powerful bass delivered by the supplied subwoofer and amplifier.
The DSP master unit makes a natural “front sound field” possible, so that you can feel bass as
though it comes from directly in front of the driver’s seat even though the subwoofer is located
at the rear of your car, e.g., in a cargo area.
There is also a digital connection for an iPod/iPhone so that you can enjoy high quality sound
in your car without noise/distortion.
Enjoy the new sound experience with this Digital Link Sound System.

Getting Started

Resetting the unit

Before operating the system for the first time, or after replacing the car battery or changing
connections, you should reset the system (page 5).
Press the RESET button of the DSP master unit.