Setting up the cradle, Precautions, Parts list – Sony XDP-PK1000 User Manual

Page 12: Before installation, Precautions parts list before installation

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Setting up the Cradle


• Install the cradle on a dashboard properly so

that the unit will not interfere with normal

• Follow the instructions on this manual about

dealing with the suction cup to secure the
cradle on a dashboard. If you fail to do so,
the adhesive strength of the suction cup may
decrease, and the cradle may fall down.

• If the cradle becomes detached, a traffic

accident may result. To prevent this, use the
supplied strap.

• Keep the cradle out of the reach of children.

Should a small part of the cradle be
swallowed, immediately consult a doctor.

• Remove the cradle from the dashboard and

keep it out of direct sunlight after use.
Leaving it on a dashboard or in a car where it
will be exposed to high temperature may
cause malfunction, and it may also damage
the dashboard.

• An iPod/iPhone may not be charged if you

put it on the cradle when the temperature in
the car is extremely high/low.

• Be careful not to splash water on the cradle.

It may cause a malfunction.

• To disconnect the cradle cord, pull it out by

its connector, not the cord.

Parts List


Mounting sheet


Cord clamp

Cradle cable

Cleaning sponge for suction cup

Before Installation

• Mount the cradle on the dashboard where it

is smooth and horizontal.

• Make sure that the surface of the dashboard

where you intend to install the cradle is
clean. Dirty surfaces will make the adhesive
strength of the suction cup weak, and may
cause unstable installation of the cradle.

• The suction cup may leave a mark on the

dashboard, depending on the surface
material. Your consideration is requested.

To attach the mounting sheet
Attach the mounting sheet to the dashboard
before installing the cradle.