Konica Minolta bizhub 4050 User Manual

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bizhub 4750/4050

Using the fax function




Enter a fax number.

% You can select the desired destination from the pre-registered destination list, or directly enter des-

tination information. For details on how to register a destination, refer to page 5-20.

% Fax broadcasting can be performed by specifying multiple destinations.


Tap [Application], then configure fax option settings.

% Before scanning the original on this machine, you need to specify the size of the original to be

scanned. Before scanning the original, select [Application] - [Basic] - [Scan Size], then specify the
original size. If you fail to set the original size correctly, the image may be cut off.


Press the Start key.

% Tap [Check Settings] before sending data, and check the specified destination and settings if nec-


% To redo operations for specifying destinations or option settings, press the Reset key.

% If you press the Stop key while scanning the original, scanning stops. To cancel scanning the orig-

inal, delete inactive jobs from the Job screen.

Sending starts.

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