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Registering a destination




Registering a destination


Address book

Registering a frequently used destination on this machine will save you the trouble of having to enter it each
time you send data. A destination registered on this machine is called an Address Book.

Up to 2,000 address books can be registered. The destination types that can be registered are E-mail ad-
dress, computer name, etc. depending on the transmission mode.



Address books can also be registered using

Web Connection. For details on the registration procedure, refer

to [User's Guide Applied Functions].


Registering one-touch destinations in the address book

Registering a destination in Utility


Tap [Utility] - [One-Touch/User Box Registration].


Select the type of destinations you want to register.


Enter destination information, then tap [OK].





Destination registration number. The smallest available number that is not
used is automatically assigned.


Enter the destination name (using up to 72 characters).


Select this option to register a frequently used destination. The registered des-
tination is displayed in [Favorite], enabling you to easily specify a destination.


Select a corresponding character so that the destination can be index
searched by name.

[Fax number]

Enter a destination fax number.

When you use this machine in a PBX environment, tap [Outside] ([E] ap-
pears). A registered outside line number is automatically inserted.

When you use this machine in a PBX environment, tap [Pause] following the
outside line number ([P] appears) to ensure dialing is successful.

If you want to send out a push signal over the dial line, tap [Tone] ([T] ap-

Enter [-] to separate a dial number. It does not affect the dialing of the num-

[Line Settings]

If necessary, specify how to send a fax to a destination you want to register.
You may change the settings you made here before sending a fax.

[ECM]: ECM is an error correction mode defined by ITU-T (International Tel-
ecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector). Fax
machines equipped with the ECM feature communicate with each other,
confirming that the sent data is free of errors. This prevents image blurring
caused by telephone line noise.
If you send a fax using a telephone line in an environment containing static,
it may take a longer time to communicate. In this case, the communication
time can be reduced by setting ECM to OFF for transmission. However, im-
age or communication errors may occur depending on the specified com-
munication time value, so change the value to suit conditions.

[V34]: V34 is a communication mode used for super G3 fax communication.
However, when the remote machine or this machine is connected to a tele-
phone line via PBX, you may not establish a communication in super G3
mode depending on telephone line conditions. In this case, it is recom-
mended that you set the V34 mode to off to send data.

[Check Dest. & Send]: Set this option to ON when the Check Dest. & Send
function is used. The fax number specified for fax is checked against the
destination fax number (CSI), and the fax is sent only when they match.

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