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Using the fax function



Introduction of fax transmission function

This section describes convenient fax transmission functions. For details on how to use each function, refer
to [User's Guide Fax].


Introduction of fax receiving function

This section describes the convenient fax receiving functions. For details on how to use each function, refer
to [User's Guide Fax].



Timer TX

Timer TX automatically starts sending at a specified time if the time is pre-

Check Dest. & Send

Check Dest. & Send checks the fax number specified for the fax transmission
against the destination fax number (CSI) and sends the fax only when they

F-Code TX

F-Code TX specifies the F code (SUB address and sending ID) to send a fax.
Confidential communication and relay distribution request are available.

The confidential communication function is designed to communicate with
specific people using a Confidential RX User Box that requires a registered
number and a password.

Relay distribution request is a function that the relay station, which has re-
ceived a fax, distributes the received fax to a pre-registered group.

Quick Memory TX

Fax transmission starts concurrently with scanning one page. The total num-
ber of pages transmitted can be entered in the sender record.

Password TX

Password TX sends a fax with a password. It is used to send faxes to a device
on which fax peers are restricted by passwords (a device with Closed Network
RX enabled).

Polling TX

Polling TX stores a file beforehand on the internal hard disk and sends it out
upon a request for reception (polling request) from the recipient.



In-memory proxy re-

When the machine cannot print a received fax due to paper jam or exhaustion
of consumables, this function stores the received fax in memory until this ma-
chine is ready to print.

TSI Routing

TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification) Routing automatically forwards a
received fax to the pre-specified destination (SMB, FTP, or E-mail (Internet fax)
destination) based on the sender's fax number (TSI).

Forward TX

Forward TX transfers a received fax to a pre-specified destination (fax, E-mail,
or Internet fax destination).

Memory RX

Memory RX saves a received fax in this machine's memory without printing it.
You can check the contents of the received fax and print out only the required

Confidential RX

Confidential RX is designed to communicate with specific people using a Con-
fidential RX User Box that requires the registration number and password.

Closed Network RX

Closed Network RX restricts the peers by passwords.

Polling RX

Polling RX receives a polling file saved in a sending machine as instructed from
this machine.


PC-Fax RX saves the received fax in memory. The saved fax can be printed or
downloaded, if necessary.

Night RX

Night RX prohibits printing of faxes received in the pre-specified nighttime

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