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Thank you for purchasing this machine.

This guide describes basic procedures required to use this machine and how to configure initial settings. For
information on the detailed functions and operation procedures, refer to the User's Guide included in the Us-
er's Guide CD/DVD-ROM.

To use this product securely, be sure to read the [Safety Information Guide] before using this machine.


User's Guides

Booklet manuals

User's guides included in User's Guide CD/DVD-ROM

Manual title


[Safety Information Guide]

This guide describes notes and precautions that should be fol-
lowed to use this machine.
Please be sure to read this manual before using this machine.

Manual title


[Quick Guide] (This guide)

This guide describes how to perform basic operations of this
machine and configure initial settings.

[User's Guide Introduction]

This guide contains information that is useful to know before be-
ginning to operate this machine, such as the name of each part
and how to turn the power on and off, use the Control Panel,
and load an original or paper.

[User's Guide Print]

This guide describes how to install the printer driver as well as
basic usage and applications.

[User's Guide Copy]

This guide describes various methods to make copies.

[User's Guide Scan]

This guide describes scan transmission operations and neces-
sary preparations.
You can scan a paper document, convert it to digital data, and
send the result to the computer or server.

[User's Guide Fax]

This guide describes fax operations and necessary prepara-

[User's Guide Network Fax]

This guide describes fax (Internet fax) operations using the net-
work and necessary preparations.

[User's Guide PC-FAX]

This guide describes PC- Fax operations and necessary prepa-
You can send the original data created on the computer by fax
directly without printing it out to paper.

[User's Guide Advanced Functions]

This guide describes how to install optional license kits and
functions that can be used by installing the license kits.

[User's Guide Maintenance/Trouble-

This guide describes how to replace consumables, clean this
machine, and perform troubleshooting.

[User's Guide Description of Utility

This guide describes Utility settings such as [User Settings] and
[Administrator Settings] for this machine.

[User's Guide Applied Functions]

This guide describes the special usages of this machine such as
how to use Web Connection, manually install the printer driver,
configure print settings using Linux, and use the authentication

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