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[Fax Functions]



Specifying a relay station for sending ([F-Code TX])



Specifying a relay station for sending ([F-Code TX])

Relay distribution

The Relay Distribution function sends a fax to a relay station, which distributes the received fax to a pre-reg-
istered group of destinations.

If you have created groups of a relay station and the other destinations by area, you can reduce the total com-
munication cost compared to the cost of broadcasting to all destinations. This function is useful when broad-
casting faxes to distant locations.



The destination machine (relay station) must have the F-code function.


This machine supports the function (relay distribution request) to send a fax to a relay station. This ma-
chine does not support the function (relay distribution) to use this machine as a relay station.


You need to check the registration number of the Relay RX User Box assigned to the relay station and
the password for relay distribution in advance.


This function cannot be used together with the following functions:
Password TX, Polling TX, Polling RX

Related setting (for the administrator)

You can specify whether or not to use the F-Code TX function.
To configure settings: [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [Fax Settings] - [Function Settings] - [Function
ON/OFF Setting] - [F-Code TX] (default: [ON])

Operation flow


Load the original.


Tap [Fax].


Specify the fax number of the relay station.


Tap [Application] - [Fax Setting] - [F-Code TX], then tap [ON].


Enter the [Sub Address] and [Password], then tap [OK].

% [SUB Address]: Enter the registration number of the Relay User Box.

% [Password]: Enter the password for the relay distribution.


Press the Start key.

This starts the fax transmission to the relay station. Faxes received by a relay station are delivered to
destinations registered with the relay station.

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