Closed network rx – Konica Minolta bizhub 4750 User Manual

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[Fax Functions]



Restricting communication peers with password (Closed Network RX)



Restricting communication peers with password (Closed Net-
work RX)

Closed Network RX

Closed Network RX is a function that restricts the peers by passwords.

When receiving a fax, the machine checks the password sent from the sender against the password preset
for this machine and, if they match, accepts transmission. Restricting fax senders helps to reduce unneces-
sary printing and wasteful paper use.


You can use this function only when the remote machine is one of our models that has Password TX function.



Optionally, you can use the Password TX function to send a fax with password to a destination for which
Closed Network RX is specified. For details on the Password TX function, refer to page 4-11

Operations required to use this function (for administrators)

To use Closed Network RX, the following settings are required.


Select [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [Fax Settings] - [Function Settings] - [Closed Network RX] to
enable the Closed Network RX function, then specify the password to restrict communications (default:

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