Warning, Aintenance and care – Bissell PET HAIR ERASER 3920 User Manual

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aintenance and care


to maximize your cleaning performance

and extend the life of your vacuum, it

is very important that you empty your

dirt container and check and clean your

filters frequently. Perform the following

maintenance steps:


Empty the dirt container when the dirt reaches

the “Full” line on the container, or more

frequently to prevent overfills. For best perfor-

mance, empty after each use.


Check the pre-motor filter and post-motor

HEPA media filter at least once a month,

clean or replace as needed.

notE: Be sure to clean or replace

your filters anytime the clean filter

indicator begins to turn red.
notE: More frequent filter

cleaning may be necessary if you

are vacuuming new carpet, fine

dust, or have allergy concerns.

Follow the instructions on the

following pages to perform these

simple maintenance steps.


To reduce the risk of electric

shock, turn power switch

OFF and disconnect

polarized plug from

electrical outlet before

performing maintenance or

troubleshooting checks.


To maximize cleaning performance,

check and clean or replace all filters

as suggested.

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