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aintenance and care


you should check your vacuum cleaner’s

rotating floor brush and drive belt

regularly for wear or damage. you

should also clean the brush and brush

ends of strings, hair and carpet fibers.

this type of debris can wrap around

the brush and hamper its ability to

effectively clean your carpet. Also

remove any debris that has

accumulated under the brush cover.
Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. Place handle in low position and turn vacu-

um cleaner over so bottom side is facing up.

3. Lift tab 1 and release the three latches in

order 2-4 marked. Lift off the brush cover.

4. Grasp rotating floor brush at both ends

and lift.

5. Clean strings, hair and other debris from

rotating floor brush, paying

particular attention to brush ends.

6. Clean strings, hair and other debris from

motor pulley and drive belt areas.

7. Check drive belt carefully for wear, cuts

or stressed areas. If belt is damaged, see

"Replace drive belt" section on page 13.

8. Check air passageway for obstructions.

Remove debris from this area.


To reduce the risk of injury

from moving parts, turn

vacuum cleaner off and

disconnect power plug from

electrical outlet.

check rotating floor brush and drive belt




Air Passageway

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