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aintenance and care

clearing clogs

Low suction or poor pickup may be

due to a clog in the vacuum cleaner. If

you notice a change in the sound of the

motor, check for clogs.
Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. Empty dirt container.
3. Check upper tank for build up or clogs.
4. If you notice a clog in the upper tank,

remove the separator plate (see section

"Cleaning the Upper Tank" on page 16).

5. Grasp the curved wand and separate it

from the hose wand base. Check for a

clog in the base, the wand or in the hose.

notE: on select units that have the

clean filter indicator, when the indi-

cator reads black, there is a clog in

the hose which is diminishing suction

power. Remove the clog in the hose

to restore full suction power.

6. Remove the Twist ‘n Snap hose from the

vacuum by turning to the right. Straighten the

hose and unclog with a long, narrow object

such as a broom handle.

7. If you notice debris or dirt clogged in the

connecting tube, remove it by pulling it out at

the top and lifting the tube out. Clean the tube

of any debris and clear any possible clog

from the port to the pre-motor filter. Reattach

tube by first installing the base and than push

in the top of the tube.

8. If the clog persists, follow the instructions

for checking the rotating floor brush and

drive belt on page 12 and inspect the air

passageway for obstructions.



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