Warning, Aintenance and care, Roubleshooting – Bissell PET HAIR ERASER 3920 User Manual

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To reduce the risk of electric

shock, turn power OFF and

disconnect polarized plug from

electrical outlet before performing

maintenance or troubleshooting.

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aintenance and care

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Vacuum cleaner won’t run

Possible causes


1. Power cord not plugged in

1. Check electrical plug

2. Blown fuse/tripped breaker in home

2. Check/replace fuse or reset breaker

3. Damaged power cord

3. Unplug, check for damage, replace as necessary

cleaning the upper tank

1. Grasp the inner cyclone and twist to the

left or to the unlocked marking, until the

locking tabs stop the rotation. Pull down

from the upper tank to remove it.

2. Wipe out the inside of the upper tank and

the inner cyclone with a damp cloth moist-

ened with water or a mild cleaning solu-


3. If you desire to thoroughly clean the

louvers located in the upper portion of

the inner cyclone, hold the bottom of the

cyclone and gently pull straight up on the


4. The inner cyclone and louvers may be

washed using a mild detergent. Be sure it

is completely dry before reassembling

or damage to your unit may result.

5. Once cleaning is completed, reassemble

the louvers over the inner cyclone by

sliding it straight down on the top of the

inner cyclone. Be sure to line up the tabs

when reassembling for proper installation.

6. To replace the inner cyclone, slide it into

the upper housing. Be sure to line up

the inner cyclone by having the marking

(Front) positioned toward the front of the

unit. Push the inner cyclone in and rotate

it to the right or locked marking until the

locking tabs stop the rotation.





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