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aintenance and care


Replace lightbulb

1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. Using a flat bladed screwdriver, pry the

tab on the left and right side out and pull

out to remove the lens.

3. Remove the bulb from the socket by

grasping the bulb and pulling gently.

Install the new bulb by pushing it gently

into the socket until the bulb snaps into


4. Reposition the lens and snap it back

into place.

Maintaining Pet turboBrush


the Pet turboBrush should be checked

regularly for clogs or debris wrapping

around the brush.
Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. If a clog is present or debris is visible,

unscrew the two screws on the back of the

TurboBrush to remove the faceplate and clear

any obstructions.

3. To clean debris from the brush, remove the

brush from the drive belt and clean debris.

4. Reposition the drive belt on the brush.

Place ends of brush in slots on sides.

Reposition faceplate and secure with two


notE: this tool is designed to

remove pet hair from upholstered or

carpeted surfaces. It should not be

used on pets.




Pet TurboBrush


Pet TurboEraser

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