Aintenance and care, Replace drive belt – Bissell PET HAIR ERASER 3920 User Manual

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aintenance and care

Replace drive belt

1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. With rotating floor brush removed from

vacuum cleaner (Steps 1-4 of check

rotating floor brush and drive belt), grasp

old drive belt and remove from motor

pulley. Discard the old drive belt.

3 Place new drive belt over motor pulley

and loop other end over rotating floor

brush in the space between the bristles.

notE: It is important that you use

only genuine BISSELL replacement

belts. generic belts may not meet

the exacting specifications required

to keep your vacuum operating at

its peak performance. the use of

unbranded belts could lead to early

failure of the vacuum and could void

your warranty.

4. Pull the rotating floor brush firmly into

position, stretching the drive belt, and

place ends of rotating floor brush

down into the slots on sides as shown.

Alignment of brush ends in slots may be

necessary to fully insert the brush.

5. Turn rotating floor brush by hand several

times in the direction of motor pulley. If

properly installed, drive belt will center

itself on rotating brush crown.

6. Insert front edge of brush cover, rotate into

place, and snap 3 latches.

Motor Pulley




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