Notice, Caution, Perations – Bissell PET HAIR ERASER 3920 User Manual

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Power switch

the Power Switch is located just

below the handle on the front of the

vacuum. Push the rocker switch “on”

(I) to vacuum, and “oFF” (o) when
cleaning is complete.

Handle positions

Press the handle release pedal, located

on the lower left side of the vacuum,

with your foot to place your vacuum

into one of three cleaning positions.
upright – For storage and above floor

cleaning with tools.

2. normal cleaning – Press handle

release pedal once. Position used for

most household floor cleaning tasks.

3. Low cleaning – With the vacuum in

normal cleaning position, press handle

release pedal again. Use for reaching under

low furniture such as tables, chairs or beds.

Height adjustment

there are seven height settings available for

various floor surfaces. turn the dial on the

foot of the cleaner to the desired setting.
Lowest setting – For low pile carpet or

bare floors. to pick up debris it may

be necessary to move up one setting.
Medium settings – For medium pile carpet.
High setting – For high pile and most

shag carpet.

note: For optimal carpet cleaning

performance, adjust to the lowest

practical setting. If your cleaner is

difficult to push, adjust to the next

higher setting.

If the dial is difficult to turn, tilt the

cleaner back slightly to take the

weight off the foot while turning.

Pet Hair Lifter

use to pick up pet hair from carpeted

surfaces. Just vacuum like you normally

would. the vacuum will grab pet hair

when you pull back and it will release hair

and suction it up when you push forward.

notE: turn vacuum off before you

flip up or flip down the Pet Hair Lifter.

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For above floor cleaning, the

floor brush will continue to

rotate but is raised above floor.

To prevent carpet damage, do

not lean on the vacuum or let

the powerfoot tilt forward.


To avoid personal injury

and to prevent the cleaner

from falling when cleaning

stairs, always place it at the

bottom of the stairs.


Before using your vacuum,

make sure that the dirt con-

tainer is in the locked posi-

tion and that all filters (pre-

motor and HEPA post-motor)

are in place. Do not operate

your vacuum without these



Before cleaning under low furni-

ture, check area first for objects

that might harm the unit or block

the vacuum hose.




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