Product description, Product overview – BlueAnt Supertooth Light handsfree User Manual

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Product Description

SUPERTOOTH LIGHT is a Bluetooth handsfree kit that supports headset or hands-
free profi le phones. Its special features include Full DSP Noise Cancellation/Echo
Cancellation, thus, it provides advanced audio quality. It is designed for easy hands-
free operation and superior performance.

Don’t forget: Drive safely and within the law.
Check if the national or local legislation in your country does limit the use of mobile
phones while driving. It is up to the user of this product to respect the said legislation
in the area where they lives.

Product Overview

1 Accept Button

2 End/Reject Button

3 Bluetooth Indicator

4 Charge Indicator

5 Microphone Shaft

*Press-and-release to Switch On

*Push-in to Switch Off

6 Speaker

7 Volume Down

8 Volume Up

9 Charger Port

10 Magnets