BlueAnt Supertooth Light handsfree User Manual

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Answer a Call:
During the ring tone, press Accept Button (1) for 1 second to answer the call.

End a Call:
Press End/Reject Button (2) for 1 second to end the call.

Voice Dial:
Important: Be sure your phone supports the voice dialing function and that it is
activated. Record at least one voice tag. (Please refer to the instructions in your
phone’s user manual.) Note: Voice dialing entries must be stored in the phone’s
memory, not on the SIM card!

1. Press the Accept Button (1) for 1 second.
2. A voice dial beep will be heard on the kit to prompt the user to say the voice
tag of the contact to call.
3. Say the voice tag exactly as how you recorded it.

4. The voice will be played back to you, and then the phone will dial the number

Basic Operations

The kit needs to be ‘paired’ to your Bluetooth mobile phone fi rst, before you can
use the following functions. See Pairing to your Bluetooth Mobile Phone on
page 3.

Make a Call (Normal Dial):

Dial the number on your phone. Audio will automatically be on the kit.

Note: With some phones like Siemens S55 and Panasonic X70, audio is always
on the phone during an outgoing call. You will need to press the Accept Button
for 1 second to transfer the audio to your kit.


Fix the metal clip of SUPERTOOTH LIGHT to the sun visor.

Attach the magnetic back of SUPERTOOTH LIGHT to the fi xed metal clip. The
SUPERTOOTH LIGHT must be placed in such way that its microphone is directed
to the mouth of the user.