BlueAnt Supertooth Light handsfree User Manual

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Advanced Functions

Multi-Pairing / Switching Connections Between Phones:
The SUPERTOOTH LIGHT can connect to only one phone at a time, but will
remember the Pairing information of 5 Bluetooth phones. Each additional pairing
after 5 phones, will automatically delete the phone that has not been used for the
longest time. Thus, the SUPERTOOTH LIGHT always maintains 5 phones in its

You can easily switch to any of the paired phones by:

1. Disconnecting the currently used phone using the “Active devices” in the
Bluetooth menu of that phone.

2. Connecting to the desired phone by using the “Paired devices” list in the

Bluetooth menu of that wanted phone.

Note: Reconnection to a paired phone may also be done by pressing the Accept
Button (1)
. When you press the Accept Button (1), the SUPERTOOTH LIGHT will
attempt to connect to the last used phone only. Therefore, it is recommended to
connect to another paired phone using the phone’s menu.

Redial (For Handsfree Profi le Phones only):
Press Accept Button (1) for 3 seconds. The last dialled number will be redialled.

Reject a Call (For Handsfree Profi le Phones only):
During the ring tone, press End/Reject Button (2). The incoming call will be rejected.

Volume Setting:
Increase or decrease the volume by pressing the Volume Up (8) or Volume Down
button. Press repeatedly until desired level is reached. This setting will be
remembered by the kit.

Audio Transfer (For Handsfree Profi le Phones only):
During an ongoing call, you can transfer the audio.

Kit to Phone: Push in the Microphone Shaft (5) or turn off the kit. The audio will
be transferred automatically to the phone.

Phone to Kit: Press-and-release the Microphone Shaft (5) to turn the kit on.
Note: Some phones do not connect automatically to the kit after turning on. With
these phones, you need to press Accept Button (1) for 1 second to transfer the
audio to the kit.