BlueAnt Supertooth Light handsfree User Manual

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When the Charge Indicator (4) turns Red, the kits’ battery is low. Charge the unit.

1. Connect the supplied charger to an external power source.

Connect the charger’s plug to the Charger Port (9)

Charge Indicator (4) Status:

Steady Red: Low Battery

Steady Orange: Charging

Steady Green: Full Charge

2. When fully charged, disconnect the charger.

Power On/Off

Power On: Push in the Microphone Shaft (5) until you hear a click, and release.
The shaft will spring out from the body of the unit and fi x in place.

Power Off: Push the Microphone Shaft (5) inside the unit until it clicks.

Pairing to your Bluetooth Mobile Phone

Pair the SUPERTOOTH LIGHT to your Bluetooth mobile phone to create a “Pairing”
link, or audio connection between the two. This has to be only done once when fi rst
connecting each new phone.

1. From OFF, Press and Hold the Accept Button (1).

First Time Pairing to your Bluetooth Mobile Phone

When you turn ON your Supertooth Light for the fi rst time, it will automatically go
into Pairing mode ready to be found by devices in Bluetooth searches. This will be
the case until you have successfully paired a phone.
If you have already paired a
phone, please go to the next section.

1. Power ON your Supertooth Light. The Bluetooth Indicator (3) will turn a blinking

red/blue, The kit is now in pairing mode.

2. Go to Point 3 in the next section, “Pairing to your Bluetooth Mobile phone”