BlueAnt Supertooth Light handsfree User Manual

Page 4

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2. While holding the Accept Button (1), switch the kit on (Press-and-release the
Microphone Shaft (5)).

3. The Bluetooth Indicator (3) will turn a blinking red/blue, when you see

this, release the Accept Button (1). The kit is now in pairing mode.

4. While the kit is in pairing mode, access the Bluetooth menu of your phone. Turn

on the Bluetooth function then execute a Bluetooth search, or discover. (See
your phone’s manual for specifi c instructions.)

5. When the phone displays the list of Bluetooth devices, select ST LIGHT.

6. When the phone asks for the password, enter 0000 and press Ok.

7. Set the ST LIGHT as a trusted/authorized device, if this is option in your phone.

Important Note: The kit is now paired. Most phones automatically connect to the
kit after pairing. With some phones you need to connect manually after pairing.

Go back to Bluetooth > Paired devices > highlight ST LIGHT > press

Options > then press Connect.

When connected you may see the Bluetooth Symbol on your phone change
slightly, either inverting in color or changing to a headset or car symbol. The kit
is now ready to use.

Repeat steps 1 -7 above for each new phone you want to use with the
Supertooth Light.