Windows server backup, Managing your nas system, Dell openmanage server administrator – Dell PowerVault NX3000 User Manual

Page 11: Server administrator integrated features, Server administrator home page

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Windows Server Backup

Windows Server Backup is a feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 that provides a set of wizards and tools for you to
perform basic backup and recovery tasks for the server it is installed on. This feature has been redesigned and
introduces new technology. The previous backup feature (Ntbackup.exe) in earlier versions of Windows is no longer
available. For more information, see "Performing Backup of Your Server".

Managing Your NAS System

The following management tools are pre-installed on your system:

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator

Remote Desktop for Administration

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator provides a comprehensive, one-to-one system management solution in two

Integrated web browser-based GUI—through the Server Administrator home page

Command line interface (CLI)—through the operating system

Server Administrator allows you to manage NAS systems on a network locally and remotely.
Server Administrator provides information about:

Systems that are operating properly and systems that have problems

Systems that require updates

Systems that require remote recovery operations

Server Administrator Integrated Features

Server Administrator provides easy-to-use management and administration of local and remote systems through a
comprehensive set of integrated management services. Server Administrator resides solely on the managed system and
is accessible both locally and remotely from the Server Administrator home page. Server Administrator ensures the
security of its management connections through Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), authentication, and industry-
standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Server Administrator Home Page

The Server Administrator home page provides a web browser-based system management from the managed node or
from a remote host through a LAN, dial-up service, or wireless network. When the NAS system is installed and
configured on the managed node, you can perform remote management functions from any system that has a supported
web browser and connection. Additionally, the Server Administrator home page provides extensive, context-sensitive
online help.