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Using Your NAS System

Creating A Server Message Block Share

Server Message Block (SMB) protocol is an access control for Microsoft Windows-based file systems and is

implemented by granting permissions to individual users and groups.

To create an SMB share using Server Manager:


Click Start → Programs → Administrative Tools → Share and Storage Management .
Alternatively, go to Server Manager → Roles → File Services → Share and Storage Management.
The Share and Storage Management (Local) window is displayed.


On the right pane, select Provision Share.


Browse and select the volume that you want to enable as an SMB share and run the wizard.


Select SMB as the share protocol.
The folder name is displayed as share name followed by the share path.


Specify the SMB settings and SMB permissions in the subsequent screens.
Review Settings and Create Share allows you to revise the share settings before you actually create it.


After reviewing the share settings, click Create to create the share.


Close the confirmation screen.

Modifying Message Block Shares

To modify the properties of an existing share:


Select the share from the middle pane of Share and Storage Management.


Right-click and select Properties.


Select different tabs to change the properties.
The newly-created SMB shared folder can be accessed from a Windows

‑based client.

NFS Share

Network File System (NFS) protocol provides access control (for UNIX-based file systems) and is implemented by
granting permissions to specific client systems and groups, using network names.
Before creating the NFS share, the administrator must configure Identity Mapping. The identity mapping source can be
any one of the following:

Microsoft Active Directory domain name server (Microsoft Windows Server 2003 domain controller or Microsoft

Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller)

User Name Mapping (UNM) server

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

Choose the appropriate option from the four available options, perform the actions, and proceed to the configuration
steps followed by steps for creating NFS share.