Server administrator instrumentation service, Server administrator remote access service, Server administrator storage management service – Dell PowerVault NX3000 User Manual

Page 12: Server administrator logs, Remote desktop for administration

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Server Administrator Instrumentation Service

The Instrumentation Service provides rapid access to detailed fault and performance information gathered by industry-
standard systems management agents. It also allows remote administration of monitored systems, including shutdown,
startup, and security.

Server Administrator Remote Access Service

The Remote Access Service provides a complete remote system management solution for systems equipped with
remote access controllers. For more information on the Remote Access Service, see

Integrated Dell Remote Access

Controller 7 (iDRAC7) Version User's Guide


Server Administrator Storage Management Service

The Storage Management Service provides storage management information in an integrated graphical view. The
Storage Management Service enables you to view the status of local storage attached to a monitored system using
PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller (PERC). Virtual Disks (generally called LUNs) can also be created using this

Server Administrator Logs

Server Administrator displays logs of commands issued to or by the system, monitored hardware events, POST events,
and system alerts. You can view logs on the home page, print, or save them as reports, and send them by e-mail to a
designated service contact.

Remote Desktop For Administration

You can remotely administer a storage appliance by using Remote Desktop for Administration (formerly known as
Terminal Services in Remote Administration mode). You can use it to administer a computer from virtually any computer
on your network. Based on the terminal services technology, remote desktop for administration is specifically designed
for server management.
Remote desktop for administration does not require the purchase of special licenses for client computers that access
the server. It is not necessary to install Terminal Server Licensing when using remote desktop for administration.
You can use remote desktop for administration to log on to the server remotely with any of the following features:

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Web Administration

Microsoft Windows Server Remote Administration Applet

For more information, see Remote Desktop for Administration, which is also available in Windows Server 2008 R2 Help.

NOTE: For secure connections, it is recommended to obtain a certificate for the server and use HTTPS connections

to connect to Windows Storage Server 2008 R2.