Server manager roles and features, Server summary roles – Dell PowerVault NX3000 User Manual

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The Resources and Support area of the Server Manager main window contains links to the latest documentation and
downloads and allows you to participate in feedback programs that help improve future versions of Microsoft Windows
Storage Server 2008 R2.
The Server Summary area displays details about your server that are particularly useful during troubleshooting, such as
the system's name, network addresses, and the product ID of the operating system running on the system.
From the Server Summary area, you can view and modify network connections, modify system properties, and configure
Remote Desktop.

Server Manager Roles And Features

The Server Summary area also contains four major sections with collapsible sub-sections.

Table 1. Factory Default Sections and the Sub-links for Your System




File Services

– Share and Storage Management

* File Server Resource Manager

(FSRM) (quotas, file screens, and

storage reports)

* Disk Management

Print Services

Web Server (IIS)


Event Viewer

NAS Appliance Software

Reliability and Performance

Device Manager


Task Scheduler

Windows Firewall and Advanced Security


WMI Controls

Local Users and Groups


Disk Management

Microsoft Windows Server Backup

Server Summary Roles

The Roles Summary section lists roles that are installed on the computer. The icon on the left of each role displays the

current general operational status of the role.

Click the name of the role in the Roles Summary section to open the home page for that role.