Threading the top thread – SINGER 7256 FASHION MATE Instruction Manual User Manual

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B. Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is in its

highest position.


A. Raise the presser foot lifter. Always be sure to raise the

presser foot lifter before threading the top thread. (If the

presser foot lifter is not raised, correct thread tension

cannot be obtained.)

C. Thread the machine with your left hand while firmly gripping

the thread with your right hand in the following order as


* Guide the thread through thread guide (1), and then pull

it into the pre-tension guide (2).

* Pull the thread into the tension discs (which are located

inside the machine) by first passing the thread to the left

of plate (2). Then guide the thread to the bottom of the


* Do a U-turn around the inside of the tab (3).
* Pass the thread through the thread take-up (4) from right

to left.

* Pull the thread into the inside of the take-up lever until it

reaches the eye of the lever.

* Guide the thread into the thread guide (5).
* Pass the thread through the eye of the needle (6) from

front to back. (See following page for instructions on

operation of the Automatic Needle Threader.)

To verify that the machine is threaded

properly in the tension discs, do this simple


1.) With the presser foot raised and the

needle unthreaded, pull the thread. You

should detect only a slight resistance

and little or no deflection of the needle.

2.) Now lower the presser foot and again

pull the thread towards the back of the

machine. This time you should detect a

considerable amount of resistance and

much more deflection of the needle.

If you do not detect the resistance,

this means you have not threaded the

machine correctly and need to rethread


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