6 checking the leds, Checking the leds – Cisco 4305G User Manual

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Step 1

Assemble the DMP power cord:


Identify the correct plug type for your region (U.S.,
E.U., U.K., or Australia).


Snap that plug into the AC adapter.

Step 2

Connect the DC barrel connector to the 5V DC power
supply on the DMP chassis.

Step 3

Connect to an AC electrical outlet that you know is
grounded, and that uses the correct voltage level for
your locale. Supported levels range from 100V to 240V.

To protect your DMP from electrical surges, we recommend
that you use a surge protector or an uninterruptable power
supply from a reputable manufacturer.


Checking the LEDs

The DMP chassis contains a green LED and a red LED. After
you attach your DMP to its AC power source, you should see
light from both LEDs through the DMP front grille.