1 checking the package contents, 2 finding a suitable location to set up your dmp, Checking the package contents – Cisco 4305G User Manual

Page 5: Finding a suitable location to set up your dmp

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Checking the Package Contents

The product package for one DMP 4305G should contain all of
the following:

A proof of purchase certificate that contains important
legal information, which you should keep.

This quick start guide and other product documentation.

One DMP 4305G.

Two signal cables:



One AC adapter and four snap-on plugs.

If anything is missing from the package or appears to be
defective, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).


Finding a Suitable Location to Set Up

Your DMP

The site where you set up a DMP must be within 6 feet of an AC
electrical outlet (socket) that uses the standard voltage level for
your locale, which must be within the range between 100V and